Saturday, March 06, 2010

Sammy's tummy

Katie called me from the barn the other day because poor Sammy had some irritation on her stomach. She had given her a bath with medicated shampoo, sprayed her with medicated spray, and asked me to keep an eye on it.

Sammy's belly is pretty bald, but not irritated any more. It is weird to see a horse belly so bare, though.

Not sure what it is, yet, but it is a new horse ailment for us to figure out. Kind of fun, in a weird way, for horse nerds like us. Fun, at least, because it's not causing Sammy any pain or discomfort.

I was reminded, however, that horses can be a little moody. Sammy got me with side kick when I sprayed her belly--luckily I was close (like my vet told me to be) and it wasn't too bad. I did let her know it was not okay for any reason to kick, however.

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