Monday, March 22, 2010

Slide Mountain launches their new site

Our friends (and Lena's breeders) at Slide Mountain Ranch have recently launched an updated website!

Steve did all the programming and I did some work on the copy and photos. We've got more work to do, including updating a lot of the photos, but it's not bad for phase one. We're also planning a trip at the end of April with Bar and Lena to add to photo galleries.

This is Steve's first foray into web development and there was some minor frustration as he tried to reconcile what worked in one browser with what worked in another browser. Seems like he got it pretty well figured out.

It's no secret that Slide is one of our favorite places to go, but it's been really fun to help with the website. We've got all kinds of interesting things planned for when we go up, besides photo shoots that is. There are trails to be mapped right off the property, cows to be chased, and adventures I haven't yet dreamed of, I'm sure.

Slide is also in a perfect location to act as a gateway into the back country with your horses. Or the perfect place to stop on your way out for a hot shower and cozy bed.

Yes, I'm biased, and yes I want to help good, honest, fun horse people grow their business.

Lena says it's my job, and she is the alpha after all.

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Dave (aka Buckskins Rule) said...

Ken McNabb told me that less than 10% of the folks in the horse world make a living from horses. The other 90% of us are paying them. Good luck to Slide Mountain, and kudos to you for helping them.