Friday, January 21, 2011

Living out of a suitcase

The last couple of years, business travel has not been a part of my life like it was the last year or so at my previous job. Back then, I got pretty good at living out of a suitcase, finding my way around strange cities, and making sure the rest of my job got done--all while the tradeshow booths and hotel rooms became my home away from home.

As it happens, I will be out on the road all week next week--starting in Arizona and ending up in LA before flying home late Friday evening.

When I was on the road so much in 2008, no matter what city I was in, I could usually find a horse neck to stick my nose into, a soft nose to stroke, or at very least a fellow horse-person to talk to. The bonus this trip appears to be that one of the stops is right across from the Los Alamitos race course. Will I get there? Not sure yet. Will I try given the least opportunity? Absolutely!

I meant to spend more time with Calabar this week before jetting off on Monday, but it didn't happen that way. I am hoping for a trail ride tomorrow so at least I can claim some relaxation and horse time before the mad rush commences, but we'll see. Someone will have to load nicely into the trailer for that to happen. Two someones, actually.

This trip is important, and should be interesting. I really do love my job and know I am making a difference--which is good and has not always been the case. I know my horse will be fine without me and Katie promises to get him out and work him (not ride him, though) while I'm gone. Maybe even give him a bath!

But it's still hard to be away. Or rather it's hard to think about being away. The reality is going to be different, especially as we go from client to client, figuring out the puzzle each one presents. (I like puzzles, you see. It's why I love Calabar.)

It will probably keep me busy enough to not miss my horses and my family (not necessarily in that order) too much. Probably.

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Edie Freedman said...

I know exactly what you mean, Jessica. Even though we can't ride right now (waaayyy too much snow), I see Wolfie every day. When I have to be away, I count the days until I leave, and then count the number of nights I still have to go until I get home. During the day it's fine to be wherever I am, but at night I realize that I haven't gotten my daily dose of horse. And then I want to come home.