Saturday, January 01, 2011

Saddle is one step closer to adoption

Yes, it's kind of odd looking, but it does fit Bar quite nicely. And even better, it fits me really nicely. Comfortable, but not too squishy, easy to sit (unlike Bar's trot), and good contact with the horse under it.

Here is Bar warming up with it, sorry the video is so dark. Lena would stand out better, but she has a saddle. He seems to move smoothly with it and it moves with him, too.

I'm going to try it again tomorrow, probably push him a little harder with me in the saddle and see how well it all works. I can tell the saddle will be great on the trail, and I was very comfortable in it at all gaits, but want to give it one more good ride to be sure. Our only hiccup was at the trot when I had the stirrups too long. I'd get off kilter and he would come down to a walk. He does that now. I get off balance, he slows down--usually with an irritated ear flick. That and the buckles on the stirrup leathers dig into my calves just a little. Taller boots and/or a pad around the buckle should solve that, though.

It's a little more than I wanted to spend, but on the other hand it's an investment that will last me more years than I can speculate at this point. I was, however, incorrect about its maker. It is actually a 4-Beat Saddle, made for gaited horses. However, because it is made for gaited horses, it allows for a lot of wither and good shoulder movement, both of which Bar needs.

Here's a question, though. If I can buy the saddle new for about twice what is being asked, should I just go for new? Decisions, decisions.

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Dave (aka Buckskins Rule) said...

A saddle that fits both horse and rider is worth its weight in gold. Glad to hear you have found one that fits the bill. In appearance, it reminds me of an Aussie saddle.

Since you asked, I'll offer my 2 cent son the new vs. used question. If the used saddle is in top notch condition, I would go that route. My reasoning is twofold. One, it's already broken in (I hate squeaky saddles). Two, you save money.