Thursday, January 06, 2011

Time with the horses

Warm horse noses are a gift--a break from the world of spreadsheets and making sure my clients have the money they need to keep their businesses running.

After several days of work--hard, brain-draining, thinking, calculating work--I finally got to spend time with Calabar. Warm, fluffy, soft, fuzzy-nose time.

He was good for me, but Steve told me Bar was quite high earlier in the evening--rearing and dancing in his paddock while Steve grained and fed.

No wonder. He hadn't been out in three days.

Normally, walking him down to the arena when he's like this--especially in cool weather and when I'm in a hurry, both of which were the case tonight--is a recipe for dancing and spinning before we even get to the arena.

But either he had gotten most of his bounciness out or he realized to really work it out, he had to cooperate with me.

So he did. No bad behavior on the way to the arena, even in his normal spots--right inside the gate, even right after I let him go in the round pen.

He did want to run. And run. And run some more. And spin on his back end. Buck a little. Levitate a little, too.

Can I blame him? Nope. I know exactly how he feels. I have managed to keep doing a little yoga every day, but I used to walk every day, too. but that hasn't been happening a lot lately. The wiggles can set in really badly at about 2 in the afternoon, and I'm not a Thoroughbred, a horse bred to move all the time.

I confess to wanting a little more balance in my life right about now.

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Buckskins Rule said...

December was a killer month for me, right up until I went on vacation. Prior to Christmas, I saw my horse three times. For those of us who have good jobs that we like (I'm drawing an inference that you do, forgiver me if I'm wrong), the time for extra effort comes along once in awhile. As long as it is short lived and we don't get burned out...this too shall pass.

And the very same work which consumes our time also permits us the luxury of being caretakers of our fuzzy nosed friends.

Chin up!