Sunday, September 16, 2007

New gear for Lena

One of the things we've tried to do on our trail riding adventures is make sure we can let Lena (and Doc) graze when we stop. Usually, this means we leave their halters on under the bridles, but that means a lot of gear on their heads. I don't think they mind, but simplicity is always nicer when dealing with 1,200 pounds.

Linda over at Horses and Things had a nylon halter/bridle combo in a lovely shade of red, so we thought we'd try it out to see if it would work for us for trail riding purposes, and if Lena would actually still respond to normal commands.

The bridle/halter combo is pretty simple, actually. It's almost a normal halter, though it has more of headstall arrangement than a standard halter, and then it has a couple extra brass loops on the side where the bit hooks in using what are basically nylon curb straps on clips. It's a pretty simple solution that allows us to be out on the trail with the bit in, then stop and simply unhook it so Lena can graze. Getting the bit in and out of her mouth proved relatively easy, as well.

And, a very important factor, the red looks very nice on her. She thought so, too, I swear.

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