Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Not our new horse

As much as I would love to have horse number two, we are not there yet. :-) The new horse is Katie D's new horse! We are lucky enough to still get to borrow Doc from our friends Phil and Carey until we get our next horse.

Katie is my partner in crime in this blogging enterprise. She has been riding far, far longer than I have and has come to my rescue on horse-related issues more than once. Her horse story starts here and you've all seen the most recent post.

Katie D. and I both work at O'Reilly Media. I work for the Marketing department and she works for Make Magazine, which is part of O'Reilly.

Katie D. should not be confused with my daughter Katie, though I admit it's confusing.

Katie D. has been doing Dressage for many years. We have only been doing what we've been doing with Lena for a couple of years. Why would we come together? Well, fundamentally I think it's a common love for what horses bring to our lives. It's also a nice respite from the much more technical aspect of work - programmers and Makers don't necessarily understand the joy of a soft horse nose in your face.

That and Katie D. is absolutely not snobby at all. She thinks Lena is wonderful, just like I think Bee and Fenway are wonderful. (I'm sure Willoughby is, too, but I haven't met him, yet.) I have to say that not all Dressage riders have thought Lena is wonderful, but then again, neither have some of the Western riders at our barn. Oh, well.

I may be a little snobby, but only in regards to how people treat their horses.

So, no. The new horse is not ours. BUT I am on track for next spring to be the time for it to happen. Patience is a virtue, but boy is it hard!!!!

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