Wednesday, January 09, 2008

2nd New Addition of 2007

Yes, I realize we're in 2008 but I'm a bit behind!
This is the latest addition to my pet family, Faaris.
Faaris came from the San Luis Obispo Animal Shelter. I've been looking for a new cat and my friend Odie saw Faaris in the shelter. He was found wandering the streets of Nipomo, starving and sick. Odie fostered him and took him home to recover. She delivered Faaris to me in Carmel, in the middle of December. We were in Carmel for a Indian themed Christmas party. So naturally I had to find a suitable Indian name for him. I chose the name Faaris because it means horseman or knight in Indian.

Faaris has adjusted pretty well to his new life. He has had a few scuffles with Huck but for the most part they've worked it out. Faaris was included in our holiday adventure up to the snow. He's great in the car and I couldn't bear the thought of locking him up in kennel again. Our latest adventure is the great outdoors - I unlocked the cat door. He's doesn't wander far and for the most part stays inside.
I love my new cat, even if he's feisty sometimes! The great outdoors should cure him of that!

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