Friday, January 25, 2008

Horse bloggers, unite!

My friend Janice wrote a very helpful and encouraging comment on my Accidents post. When I approved it, I found out she has a blog called My Wild World where she writes about her adventures and experiences with life and her pretty buckskin mare, Tye.

She has been really supportive this week as I get past my issues with, um, gravity and I'm excited to see another horse person getting online and sharing their experiences.

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RunAwayPony said...

I just wanted to apologize for yelling at Katie the other day when Bar rolled. I didn't mean to make her uncomfortable and I think I did.
I also just wanted to say that it looked like the two of them were getting along really well. She rode him very nicely.
I hope you haven't had anymore problems with gravity and are enjoying your rides. See you soon!