Sunday, April 06, 2008

Movie sap

I finally watched the movie Seabiscuit and (naturally) cried my eyes out several times during the movie.

I wondered out loud to Steve if Bar missed that life, missed racing, missed the excitement. Steve didn't think so, and he's probably right. But I was still inspired by the story of an underdog, a horse nobody understood or believed in becoming the hope of a whole generation of people.

Not to mention the fact that I loved the horse racing footage, the sound of those hooves thundering down the track, horses running full out - flying, really - and the story of people who really understood a horse. Just one horse in this case, but what a horse.

I hope I can make that kind of difference in Bar's life; I know he has already made that much difference in mine.

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Anonymous said...

I asked the same thing about Ink, but something tells me by his "soaking up life," laid back attitude that he enjoys this a lot, if not more than his racing past.

I cried too, it's hard not to! lol
The story of an underdog is very inspiring.

I'm local to SC too :). It's nice to connect with local horse people!