Monday, April 07, 2008

Too Much Fun

Willoughby and I had too much fun at our horse clinic with Dennis Callin this past weekend. These pictures were taken at the cocktail party (held inside the barn - my type of party) where Willoughby was the life of the party! He is quite the social butterfly!
The lessons were great. We were really pushed to the next level and I realized that I could start asking more of Willoughby - without him resisting or feeling unprepared. We worked on extensions and collections in the trot and canter, shoulder in, counter canter, and transitions. My aids became sharper and more clear and my riding became more precise. I'll upload a video of the ride shortly. I also learned a lot from watching other people's rides - for instance, when you're extending in the trot or canter, extend for 5-6 strides and then count 3-2-1 when asking your horse to come back or to collect. This gives you three strides to collect, instead of letting it drag on for the entire long side of the arena!
Willoughby is now enjoying a couple of days off but I can't wait to get back in the saddle and practice everything I just learned!


Anonymous said...

That is my kind of party too, in the barn!

Willoughby is a handsome fella :)

Katie said...

I know - I love barn parties!!!
Do you board your horse locally in Sonoma County?

dressageprincesses said...

That was SO much fun! I already miss you guys