Monday, May 12, 2008

Boot fetish

I might have a small boot fetish.

Just a tiny one.

My red boots, my daily riding/barn boots, had started to crack and fade and I knew it was only a matter of time until it was time to replace them. As always, I was torn between getting another pair of red boots or replacing them with another color. I've got the lovely whiskey-colored pair for normal wear, and the temptation was to turn those into the riding boots and buy another pair of red boots.

But I love my brown boots, too! And - if one were to apply even a tiny bit of logic to this - they do go with more than the red boots do.

If they were just going to be dress boots, I'd have gone with red in a heartbeat. But, as you can see, I went with black. There was actually some logic, there. No, really!

The red leather probably has to be bleached before it's dyed red again. Black just gets died over the color of the leather, so theoretically goes through less processing and will will last a little longer. We are here to test this and I'll let you know if I just give up and go back to red next time!

And, yes, a definite boot fetish.

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