Saturday, May 10, 2008

More barn wildlife

Sunday during my lesson we had two hefty gopher snakes make their way across the arena. The first one Peter herded across the toasty sand and then he played snake charmer with the second one.

Judging from the size of both snakes and the three rats Wesley managed to bring us last week - in an 12-hour period, mind you - methinks the rodent population is also relatively healthy this year. Wesley's new nickname is "Little orange stripey merchant of death." He was quite proud of himself. We were just glad he left them on the doorstep - two still warm in one case - and didn't bring them inside.

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Anonymous said...

I forgot to tell you our cat brought us two mice Saturday morning. One was still alive and Pablo thought it might be nice to put it on our bed at 6:30am. We're still waiting to find the head of the second one. Yuck!