Saturday, May 03, 2008

Things of note I've been meaning to post

Yes, I'm still alive and, no, I haven't fallen off again! Woo hoo!

Saw this in our local paper and couldn't help but think that the mountain lion was either really hungry or really silly to take on four horses, but it seems to have ended well. For the horses, not the mountain lion.

I have thus far managed to stay away from the temptation lurking over at the Santa Rosa Fairgrounds this weekend - wild horse and burro adoption. Just what we need, another wild horse.

Congratulations to Big Brown for his Kentucky Derby win, and my heart breaks for Eight Belles who ran her heart out on two broken ankles. Here she is finishing second on ankles that already had to be breaking or broken, the only filly in the race. I refuse to post the picture of her laying on the track, much better to see her suspended in the air, flying over the track. Okay, I have to stop reading articles now, I'm starting to cry over a horse I don't even know!

Hearing about Eight Belles made me start to think about what we do with all these ex-racehorses. As we're finding out, they are not easy to handle and retrain, even if they are perfectly sound. Lots of information out there, and agencies like this one in Texas that helps place ex-racers, and resources like this one that has links to a lot of other resources for OTTB assistance.

Me? I just keep working through my issues with Bar and we are making progress. I don't worry so much about him missing the track anymore, either.

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emma said...

Yes the loss of this horse it truly sad! Makes you wonder. Two horses had to be put down at teh Rolex 3-day too. It was very depressing!