Sunday, November 27, 2011

New family member

As the long weekend drew to a close, we adopted a new family member. 

This lovely cat (pictures do not do him justice) is Oliver. He is kind of a tabby/brindle/pattern-less cat with amber-colored eyes. He is beautiful. 

Oliver was found by my friend Kathryn in a storm drain a few months ago, after being mauled by we don't know what. She took him in, gave him lots of attention, medical care, and time to heal. She tried to give him a good home, but with two other male, indoor cats, it was not quite the right place for "Ollie."

Searches were made for appropriate parents, but--lucky for us--none were found.

Ollie is currently watching things unfold from under the table, but he has eaten and he has been "introduced" to Elmer without major incident. Elmer needed a little bit of head scratching and love to reassure him, but he seemed to accept Ollie with only minor fur ruffling. 

Welcome to Oliver, who is way more exciting (to me, anyway) than the official start of the holiday shopping season.  And thank you to Kathryn for pulling a cat out of a storm drain!


Grey Horse Matters said...

He looks adorable. I'm sure he'll love his new home. Good luck with Ollie.

Ruth said...

He looks like a sweetie.

He's going to be very happy in his new home :)