Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Dual Disciplines

As you may notice as you read this blog, Katie and I come from both different disciplines and levels of experience. (Way different!)

I am not only a new horse owner, but I didn't even grow up with the four legged, hay-chowing beasts. I liked them, but from a far safer distance than sitting on their backs.

Katie has been riding for many years, though I'll leave it to her to fill in her biography. I do know she injured her knee riding a steer, not a horse.

I ride western and have no particular plans to show. We really just want to trail ride and enjoy our lovely spotty horse, Lena.

Katie has shown all the way up to Level 4 Dressage and is working on getting ready for Level 5 with her horse, Finn. (Katie, will you supply me with a picture I can add in here, and - of course - correct me if I'm totally wrong? :-) )

Yes, amazingly enough, it is possible for a crazy cutting horse person to ride with a Dressage person. There's this funny common denominator - Katie and I really like horses. Not just for what they can do, but for their very presence. The warmth of their bodies, the whuff of their breath, their soft noses and the rich smell of them.

Horse people are crazy. Even the sane ones are crazy. But turning love for your horse and your discipline into something that is so much better than someone else's horse and activity is really crazy. Unless of course you don't really like horses.

Just my opinion, of course.

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