Saturday, August 26, 2006

Please - keep track of your dog!

Earlier this week, I pulled in to the parking lot and noticed a lost black dog. I stopped thinking it was Laika but after close inspection realized that this poor dog without a collar was clearly lost. A chubby black lab mix looked anxiously at every person entering the building, hoping to see someone he knew. I was able to catch him and shortly thereafter brought him to the Human Society. At the Humane Society they scanned him for a microchip, in which they found! BUT ..... The microchip was never registered!! It infuriates me that people are so irresponsible with animals. I plan to go the Humane Society tomorrow to check up on him. If he goes up for adoption, I'm afraid I might have to add him to the animal crew! OR - convince Jessica that she really needs a dog!!

1 comment:

Jessica Boyd said...

You'll have to convince Steve that we need a dog, too!