Saturday, June 23, 2007

Cool Car

Obviously, I love my horse, but I also have another fetish - cars. Steve shares this with me and we regularly buy car magazines and contemplate how large our garage would have to be if we ever struck it rich and could buy all the cars we like.

As much as I think the hybrid and electric cars are great, they don't fit the criteria of cars we'd like to drive all the time. I know that is incredibly politically incorrect of me, but I love driving. I have a visceral connection to my vehicles - usually from the moment I meet them - and thus far I haven't met an alternative fuel vehicle that does that for me.

Until yesterday.

O'Reilly, my employer, is hosting FOO camp, our annual gathering of interesting and eclectic and influential folks. One of them - sorry didn't get his name because I was too busy staring at the car - brought my dream electric car. 0-60 in 3 seconds, baby. Hoosier tires, no less. I admit that I may not have all these specs, facts and figures exactly correct, so please excuse any errors. I must be in love. Or in lust at very least.

The lines are clean and beautiful, and even if I don't necessarily understand all the engineering, I can certainly appreciate the results.

Of course, it's two years and I think $150,000 out of my reach, but this is an electric car that would get me onto the freeway at the speed I need to be at. And then some.

Of course, because I turn into a crispy Irish potato in the sun, I might have to have a roof on mine.

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