Saturday, June 23, 2007

Lena gets a massage

I know what you're thinking - how kooky is this? You get your horse a massage? Don't you need one?

Well, yes I do, but my friend Karen offered to give Lena a massage because I've referred some other customers to her and I wanted to see how Lena reacted to a full massage.

Here's proof that even horses like body work:

The yawning is a really good sign that she's releasing the tension and the toxins that have built up from her normal workouts and routines.

Karen is great with horses, and Lena responded pretty positively to the treatment and the handling. Just like any athlete, she has spots that need a little more attention than others. Her neck got a lot of attention - we're working on collection a lot these days - and we learned a new stretch, too.

The other thing that was really a bonus for me was Karen's response to Lena. You know we get a lot of comments about calming Lena down. Steve says a lot of that is probably jealousy and I should just disregard it, but it's hard not to let it get under my skin sometimes. Karen was full of compliments about how much wonderful energy and spirit Lena has and to embrace it and enjoy it, not try to squash it. Since that is how we feel, it was refreshing to have reinforced for once.

May have a cow work connection now, too, so more on that later. Lena would love to chase cows and not ravens.

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