Saturday, June 23, 2007

View at the end of the day

The driver gets to see the noses that occasionally push against the window screens, but I like this view at the end of the ride, too. Everyone safely back in the trailer as we're headed home.

Actually, Steve and I did a funny thing when we got back to the barn. We are able to park our trailer without either one of us getting out of the truck because of the parking spot I commandeered after one of our barn-mates left. We very carefully backed the trailer into our spot, evenly spaced between two other trailers, angled to give all of us enough room to tie horses to those trailers as needed, far enough back to keep the hitch out of the way - in other words, a perfect parking job.

Except our horses were still in the trailer and probably wondered what on earth we were up to.

Luckily, the perfect parking job hadn't taken very long. We chuckled at ourselves, pulled out again and unloaded them in a jiffy. Doc returned to a very happy Taffy and Lena went back to her pen, no doubt to roll around in the dirt. Steve and I went to the grocery store, out to Sushi, and are now home sitting in our pajamas on the sofa.

All in all, a positively fabulous sunny Saturday in Northern California. Even with the spaciness there at the end.

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