Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Comparing Animal Dentistry-Dog vs. Horse-while job hunting

Even as I go about my daily routine of working with the horses in the morning and applying for jobs every afternoon, I am still trying to determine just what path I want to follow. At the moment, the job market is not very promising and the alternative pathways are ever so much more interesting.

I've gone in and talked to the counselor at the JC about both the Equine Science degree and the Veterinary Technician program and am trying to get an appointment with the Department Head to formulate the best academic plan. In the meantime, I've been talking to my cousin Josh who has been a Veterinary Technician for over 10 years (I think). He has been sending me photo examples of the dog teeth he cleans on a regular basis, and I sent him my old post on horse dentistry to illustrate what "floating" a horse's teeth really looks like.

Here is some of the fine work Josh has done for his canine patients:



Big difference, eh? And I have to say, as weird as it may sound, I could totally get into that kind of a job.

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