Friday, February 13, 2009

Googling yourself.. or your horse

I was actually looking up some of the horses I was seeing on the reality show "Jockeys" and decided to Google Calabar. I searched for "Calabar racehorse" and got this .. which I wrote about a week ago.

And, as a side note, I love to watch these horses run. They love it. They are poetry, power, desire--all of it, in glorious motion.

On another side note.. I'd love to be able to ride Bar with the wind in my teeth and feel his joy and power. Someday, I promise I'll get there.


Anonymous said...

Mike Smith rode Ink a lot during his career. I was interested to watch him on the show after I heard he was in it.

Horse racing, at the heart of it; watching horses run, is very cool, but the side lines of the sport, puts a very, very dark shadow over that which many spectators, never see.

Jessica Boyd said...

Thanks for the comment, Keri. I don't know a lot about the tracks/jockeys, or the world of racing, so it's kinda interesting to watch the show. Though I'd prefer more horse stories, of course. I guess then they'd have to call it "Racehorses" and not "Jockeys."

That is very true about the dark side of horse racing, but I also know at least one owner/trainer pair that truly love and care for their horses. I believe Bar would never be as sound on his ugly tendon as he is--and he is frightenly sound--if they hadn't put a lot of time, energy, and love into his recovery.

It's those kinds of folks, even if they are rare, that give me a glimmer of hope and peace where that industry is concerned.

Anonymous said...

Bless those people. That's the way horse racing should be! I'm bitter (if you couldn't tell..). Because so many people in that industry just don't care. Ink didn't come from one of those rare, good trainers. He was thrown away like garbage and it's just not right. Glad to hear Bar came from a better person and place in the horse racing world :).