Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Forrest's first trail ride

Forrest had his first trail ride experience and by all accounts (I wasn't actually there) did an amazing job.

I would love to have been there, but Steve and I had spent all weekend in San Francisco and came back Sunday while Katie and crew were off on their adventure.

Forrest stuck very close to Lena the whole time, but handled sand, wind, waves (not too close), and even a trailer ride with a scrambley Lena Rey.

Katie learned that left turns with Lena in the front of the trailer really need to be taken at, oh, two miles an hour. Lena prefers the back of the trailer, but will ride in the front IF you take those left turns at a snails pace. Otherwise, she feels trapped and scrambles badly, usually banging herself up in the process.

The way back, Forrest had to ride in front and he did--after a bit of convincing.

I am proud of Katie, Forrest, and Lena. They all did a great job. Would love to be there the next time out!


Dom said...

Good man, Forrest!

Dave (aka Buckskins Rule) said...

Sounds like Katie has a good horse. But you knew that already.

Strange how some horses are weird about trailering, with regard to where in the trailer they are. If another horse is already in, Smokey jumps right in. If he's first in, or going alone, he stares into the trailer with wild eyes and required encouragement (read: handy stick on butt) to get in. I think he's convinced that traveling alone means he's headed to the auction.