Sunday, March 13, 2011

The roller coaster of horse racing

Sitty is there in the middle, number three

I don't honestly know how Howie and Devon do it.

One minute, your horse is running well and training great and the next, something happens that has you scratching your head.

Y'all know Sittytwofitty is my favorite On-Track Thoroughbred. She is a classy girl---beautiful, well-mannered, and a joy to watch run.

She won her first race last month, came in second in the next race (and should have won that one), and was training really well headed into yesterday's race.

Granted, it was a tough field--a $40,000 claiming race with some top horses and jockeys on the ticket. But she had the same jockey up that took her to her win and she had been training really well. Odds had her coming in second to the favorite and the distance was perfect for her style--1-1/16 mile, just enough to give her that last bit of room if she needed it.

She started really well, blowing out of the gate with tremendous power, but never quite clicked in. The jockey said she felt "off" in her left front and while he got her to drive up to a photo for third, you could see in her movement that he was right and she was hurting.

She got fourth by a whisker, so still in the money, but you could tell she wasn't herself--not as much power and speed at the end and off a little during her cool down walk.

It is an up-and-down world, is horse racing. I think I'm glad I'm on the Off-Track side of things. The On-Track side is way too stressful. But kudos to Devon and Howie for hanging in there and taking such good care of their horses. Big Girl is in good hands, of that I am sure.

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Buckskins Rule said...

I hope the problem proves to be nothing too serious. Her owner's sound look good people, who are more concerned with her welfare than whether she can race. Keep us posted.