Sunday, March 27, 2011

A new baby racehorse

I'm a sucker for horses, but baby horses with their funny long legs and wobbly balance melt me like ice cream on a hot sidewalk. And in this horrid cold and rainy weather, little Miss Chantilly Lace was like a breath of warm spring air.

She is the newest of the Thoroughbred family (with it's many pieces and parts) Calabar and Forrest came from, and we got to see her today. She was born ten days late, early Tuesday morning, and is quite a character already.

Her mama, Ursulita, is not only a calm and patient mare with her cantankerous filly, she did a good job of shielding the fragile humans from the tiny but no-less-powerful "Lacey" on several occasions. Lacey is learning manners from Devon too, but Ursi interposed herself between the bouncy baby girl and the humans in her stall more than once. Being that this is Ursi's first foal, it was pretty impressive to see her taking care of all of us in the stall--not just Lacey--in a calm, understated way. Ursi is also the mare that went to the beach with Calabar and me--her first trail ride, calmly handled. Take that, crazy Thoroughbred stereotype.

Devon and I took on the role of "Auntie Mares" in the herd at one point--me scratching an itchy spot on Ursi while Ursi groomed Devon.

I love that I get to be around babies without breeding Lena and turning both of us (Lena and me) into neurotic basket cases.

This little filly will be fun to watch--such a personality, such energy. It will be a treat, watching her grow and unfold into the horse she will become.


Grey Horse Matters said...

She's beautiful. I love her name too. I'll bet she will be quite a character, she's already got a cute personality.

Dom said...

She's beautiful. Congrats to everyone involved :)