Wednesday, March 30, 2011

How long can the blankets stay off?

After countless (I refuse to actually go back and count) days of bleak, cold, dreary rain, we finally have sunshine! In fact, temperatures spiked up into the eighties and nineties today! Glorious!

We pulled blankets last night and today Bar had a fluffy layer of dead hair all over him, which he gladly transferred to my person. I'll be spitting out Thoroughbred hair for a week, I know it.

It was so warm, Bar worked up a sweat with a rather mild workout in the round pen, so then he got a rinse down! Since it was 84 degrees when I left the barn at 6:45, I figured he'd dry out in time. He won't be clean for long, mind you, but he will at least not have dried, crusty sweat matting down his hair.

The temperatures are nice all the way through Saturday, so the horses will air out at least until then. They are ready for it, that's for sure.

It's been a long, cold, not-lonely, winter. Spring can hang around for awhile as far as I'm concerned.

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Grey Horse Matters said...

Let's all hope the blankets can stay off indefinitely. I'll be they felt good with them off and some nice rinsing. Wonder if they'll coat themselves in mud now.