Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Making progress

The retraining process is actually moving along nicely--at least as far as I'm concerned. Bar is okay with it so far, but he has more in store than he may have realized.

I finally got a chance to talk with Peter (our barn owner and trainer) about his advice regarding the big, brown opinionated Thoroughbred.

The good news is he doesn't think Bar is that bad--certainly worth working with--and is willing to help me with him. We talked about the latest events, and Peter suggested I take a lesson with him on a milder horse so he can see how I ride. He hasn't seen me in awhile because by the time I get there, he's usually fed everyone and is inside the house having his own dinner. I know my seat needs work, but could probably use some help and specific pointers from an outside force.

The bad news, at least as far as Bar is concerned, is Peter is willing to work with us.

I know this is giving him far too much credit, but Bar popped his head up as Peter and I were talking and I swear he looked a little apprehensive. "Uh oh. This can't be good."

After Peter and I talked, I took Bar down to the round pen for some ground work. He did great. Respectful, obedient, asking what was next--it was awesome.

But the best part came after we were done.

We walked out of the round pen and as I was closing the gate, he reached over to a pile of tack sitting there and picked up the bit and bridle sitting there, bit in his mouth, and looked at me. Expectantly.

I told him he had to wait, and why, and patted his fuzzy nose.

Soon, I promise. Soon.


Suzanne said...

Your post made me smile! You go girl!

Sarah said...

That is pretty frigging adorable. What a good boy:) :)