Sunday, May 01, 2011

Practicing on land

In addition to the ground work Bar and I have been doing--and thanks to a recommendation from my friend Joan over at Cowboy and Dexter's Excellent Adventure--I've been working on my center using Sally Swift's Centered Riding books.

While it would be ideal to be doing the exercises on Calabar's back, we're still on restricted access at this time, so I have been doing some of them on the ground as part of my morning yoga routine. What I love about her style is the visualizations that help loosen and lengthen. Even sitting on the sofa, I can feel how that will help my riding. Not that Calabar doesn't also need training but--as I said to Steve--if I am more confident and centered in my seat, he won't have near the opportunity to be as wicked as he's been lately.

So I'm practicing on land for now, which is better than not doing them at all, but I can't wait to try them aboard the big, brown horse, too. He may think I'm weird at first, but I'm pretty sure when he feels me untwist from my normal position, breathe, and relax, he'll welcome the newest evidence of my oddness.

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