Friday, December 21, 2007

Big day tomorrow

We pick Calabar up tomorrow morning at 10:00 a.m. to move him to Peter's!

It's exciting and vaguely terrifying all at the same time, even though I truly think we're the right family for him. It's a whole new chapter in our horse story, one I want to turn out well for all of us. I could stress myself out over this but am trying hard to send that energy in a more positive direction - like learning to work with a whole new horse.

I'm am actually really looking forward to learning more about him, figuring out his personality and quirks, what motivates him best, what spooks him, what his favorite scratchy spots are, all of it. I'm glad we have this week off and can spend time getting him acclimated to his new home and new people, not to mention getting Lena acclimated to sharing her humans. (This should be an interesting test for her.)

I actually have video of Devon riding him, though I apologize in advance for the commentary. (I forgot the camera records sound, too.) He is awfully pretty to watch and, yes, he wants to go faster.

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