Sunday, December 09, 2007

Pictures of Calabar

Okay, finally, here are some pictures of Calabar. He was a little muddy today, unlike last time, but at least I remembered the camera this time.

We went out to visit him again today and spent quite a bit of time handling him, grooming him, playing with him, and just watching him.

He's got a ton of personality, but like another horse I know, likes to push his boundaries to see how you react and how much you'll tolerate. He willingly responded to correction, though, and loved all the attention.

We're working out with Peter when we can move him so we can at least try him out. Devan says they will always take him back, but we're hoping never to need that option.

We like his personality, even though he is definitely a handful. Once we established the ground rules, he was pretty anxious to please and playful, yet careful and mindful of his own body and ours. He loped around, bucking and kicking up his heels in his paddock, but always careful to check his footing in the slippery area. He would run around us, but never over us, never into us.

He also liked to play with his neighbor, a two-year old filly. Apparently, he loves the ladies and the ladies love him.

Here he and I are discussing being mouthy. I really am not singing "Stop, in the name of Love," to him.

He's a neat horse and this will be an interesting next step in our horse journey. Similar in some ways - he acts a lot like Lena in many ways - and very different in others. I'm excited, nervous, and thrilled.

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