Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Bar update

Bar seems to be doing fine, though he is a little stiff still. (So is Steve, for that matter.)

I took Bar out and walked him down the driveway and around the grounds last night, watching him walk to see how things were moving. He caught the toe of the bowed tendon leg a few times, but once he loosened up, he was moving smoother and got much better about lifting it. He was also really watching the ground and where he put his feet, so that's good, too. I even made him step up, into, and over a big log box by the arena and he did it without any problems at all. Well, except for being suspicious of the portable awnings nearby, left over from the show back on Memorial Day weekend and flapping in the wind at us.

It was good to see him moving comfortably by the time we were done and it's always good to do groundwork with him and work on those occasionally spotty manners of his. You know, remind him that the short person is in charge, even (especially) on the ground.

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