Sunday, June 08, 2008

Good ride, bad position

Just when you think you've got your position working right, someone takes a picture that proves you are completely out of whack. Drat.

I swear I thought I was sitting back, but the photographic evidence belies what my body was telling me. Or maybe what my head was telling my body, anyway. At least my heels are down, that's one good thing.

Oh, well. Both Steve and Katie said I handled Bar really well today and looked more relaxed on him than I have in a really long time. That does make looking at the pictures that much more scary, though. I mean, how bad did I look when I wasn't relaxed?! I hate to think!

BUT.. poor form and position aside, I did feel good and I was relaxed on him - even if it doesn't look like it - and he was really paying attention to me and cooperating, so I guess I'll take that even if I look bad. I even asked him to canter for me, which I haven't done in awhile, and he did it--after he made sure that was really what I was asking for. I could almost hear him say, "Are you sure? Okay, then, here we go."

Katie and Lena Rey worked on stops a little bit, but mainly just had fun working out a little bit. I look at Katie's position and say... "Ooohhh." Sigh. Hopefully I'll get there one of these days.

Katie then learned that trying to give your boyfriend riding tips is really hard and let Steve take over teaching Brandon how to deal with 1,200 pounds of opinionated spotty horse.

Then both horses got baths, fly spray, and alfalfa. Not a bad day at the barn for any of us, actually.

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