Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Golf and horses-in the same night!

On this lovely solstice evening with that big, full Harvest Moon shining down, I got to indulge both my new hobby AND my existing obsession--all in one night!

I know, crazy.

Golf was okay, though after working on driving I can see why my chiropractor says the sport was invented by his profession. Spin hard and thwack with precision, usually with cold muscles. Note to self: stretching and a brief warm-up ahead of time might be a good plan.

I used a little bareback riding on the Thoroughbred rocking horse to knock things back into alignment. Amazing how well that works, actually.

Steve has been home this week working on house project before winter hits, so hasn't gotten Lena out. So after I worked Bar (and he put my back in place), I got Lena out to play. I got on her bareback, too, which is a hair more challenging because the mounting block is apparently terrifying.

None of us ever really use the mounting block, nor was she trained with one, so it's always a bit of a dance, circle, side-step, partial leap to get on her back. One of the many things I need to work on with her, I know.

Her stride is completely different from his. He rocks back and forth and side to side, she really just moves up and back. She is also a bit more cushioned than he is, so that was a nice bonus.

I feel awfully blessed to share my life with two such delightful creatures--not to mention Steve and Katie.

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Anonymous said...

Love the picture and glad your rides went so well!