Sunday, September 26, 2010

Our first horse training clinic

Steve and I are spending what promises to be a rather toasty Sunday auditing our very first horse training clinic. I know. What took us so long, right?

Mark Rashid, a well-known natural horsemanship trainer, happens to be in nearby Sebastopol--a perfect opportunity.

Some might ask why we didn't just go gung-ho and bring both horses. Aside from cost, I'd rather not put Bar into an unknown situation--despite the respect I have for Rashid's methods--until I've done at least a little observation. That is, some say, the point of a clinic. I'd rather be a little more cautious and set Bar (and me) up to succeed.

More later! Hopefully with pictures!

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Anonymous said...

As you probably know already, I've been riding with Mark Rashid for a number of years. I think you'll enjoy it, and will be interested to hear what you think. Like you, I always believe in auditing a clinician if possible before riding to be sure the clinician's methods and approach are consistent with how I work with my horses.