Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Unearthed treasures

The house was quiet when I got home from the barn tonight--Steve is out playing music and Katie is working--so I wandered downstairs to the storage room looking for something else (what I don't recall) and found a box of treasures taped up and wrapped in a garbage bag. Stacks and stacks of unsorted pictures left over from Dad's things, showing some of my earliest memories in black and white and old-style color photos.

Such a treasure trove! I found a funny set from when we first bought our house in Berkeley--Dad's handwriting scrawling a different stage of the story on the back of each one, all chronicling his triumph over blackberry bushes and weeds to create what became the oasis of our back yard. There are, of course, lots of pictures of my sister and me in outfits I can't believe my parents let us wear. And school pictures with dates on the back in my mother's handwriting.

And then I flipped over this picture above. His name was Brian, I believe. I also think it was he who taught me about checking cinches after watching the horizon tilt rather rapidly to one side and eating dirt shortly thereafter.

I wasn't able to pursue horses back then--too much money for our family--but I'd like to think I'm making up for it with plenty of zeal now.

Thanks for the treasures, Dad. Wish you were still here to go through them with me.


Joy M. Drennen said...

How wonderful to find those pictures. And, yes, while you didn't say so at the time, you later let me know you didn't like the clothes. Especially not long dresses in different patterns that I sewed. (Sigh.)

As for no horses when you were growing up -- You went out with Rapunzel and Dora to ride. And only when you started at Slide did you mention you were afraid of horses.

But you're right, of course, on not having enough money to indulge in much of anything.

Love, Mom

Dave (aka Buckskins Rule) said...

I'm always surprised by the memories that can be invoked by pictures from my childhood, particularly from when I lived with my Grandparent's (the two greatest people I've known).

I'm also a bit shocked at the clothing styles of those days.