Friday, April 29, 2011

Working through it

The last two days, Calabar and I have done some great ground work, re-establishing the rules, revisiting the roles we've slipped into and--for my part--trying to change where we've ended up.

Bar has been responsive and cooperative, and I have been tougher with him when he's not. Amazing what that combination can do.

We have a ways to go, yet, but the subtle changes we've made are starting to make a difference. It's all simple stuff really: not allowing him too close unless I ask, correcting him if he doesn't stop when I do, pushing him when he argues about what I've asked him to do--actually, just pushing him in general past his comfort zone--it's all good.

The face in the photo is only a reaction to me picking at the scabs under his chin--probable tick bites, ew--not to the work. He loves the work. He likes the rules. He responds to me being calm and clear and directing him. I am remembering how to be the leader Bar needs. After all, 1,200 pounds can't be allowed to run the show. Not for my sake, and not for his, either.


Anonymous said...

He sounds a bit like Drifter personality-wise. Drifter is pretty dominant and I have to be really clear with him about what he's to do and not to do and be sure to be persistent. He's also quite "studly" which adds to the challenge, but we're getting there. And you're right, once the boundaries are clear and consistent, the horse can relax into that.

Dom said...

Love the photo. And glad to hear you're making slow, steady progress.

Dave (aka Buckskins Rule) said...

Determination is half the battle. Glad you're not giving up on the young man.

Especially since I can't afford the diesel to drive down and get him if you chose not to keep him. ;)