Saturday, January 21, 2012

Retired Racehorse Training Challenge

On the very top of things I'd love to be a part of: The Retired Racehorse Training Challenge

Especially if I got to work with this boy--Four X The Trouble. 

What a personality! And, yes, confirmation, movement, looks, too. And, yeah... if Bar would allow it, I'd take Trouble home in a red hot second. 

I do have to say that even a horse with injuries and legs that are not "clean" can be a horse that can take you to more places than you can imagine. If I did the challenge, I'd include the less than perfect ponies. 

But I'm biased. 

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Suzanne said...

One of those lucky folks is the woman who broke, trained and competed Sugar (Fame and Frolic) before I bought her. Tiffany Catledge... she's awesome! Can't wait until the next installment.