Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Help for Horses

I ran across this article in our local paper on an increase in abandoned and abused horses, followed by another about a local vet, Grant Miller, DVM, who is working with an organization called CHANGE to help save and place some of these horses.

I donated some money and got a really nice thank you from Dr. Miller who also asked if there are any horse people / ranch owners in our area (Forestville/West County) who may be interested in becoming a foster center. I know my blog has a very small distribution, but I also know how much horse people like to talk so I'm hoping I can do at least a little to spread the word.

He also said they have a number of horses seized recently that are keeping the volunteers very busy and they are hoping the horses will pull though. I'm sure CHANGE could use volunteers, too.

So, if you have time to donate, or funds, or if you can even just help pass the word, I know it will be appreciated by the volunteers at CHANGE, and the horses, too.

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