Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Horses and technology

I always feel a bit of a disconnect between my job in the technology industry and my personal life, in particular the time I share with horses.

Mostly I get odd looks and sometimes questions about my sanity when people find out I have horses. (Okay, it's not always that bad, but sometimes.)

So imagine my surprise when I clicked through to a post on our Radar blog - dedicated to following what is going on out on the bleeding edges of technology - and found a reference to horses.

The blog post is about RFID startups, and one of the examples was a company called Integrated Equine Technologies that is using RFID to help with Dressage training.

I have found that video, even pictures, help me - or mortally embarrass me - by pointing out where my position may be falling astray. I don't think I want to invest $10,000 in this particular product, but I can see where it may come in handy at an upscale training facility. I doubt, however, it will be coming to a barn near me anytime soon. Probably just as well. My ego is far too fragile at this point.

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