Friday, January 15, 2010

Bar the big brown mirror

Bar is a mirror. A big, brown, fuzzy mirror that will not allow me to get away with anything.

There is no lying to him, no telling him everything is fine when I don't feel that way. All horses can tell when you're lying, but he is so finely keyed into my emotions, he is actually teaching me to steady myself, to take that deep breath and slow down.

He knows who makes me nervous at the barn. He knows who doesn't bother me. He even knows who falls in the middle and checks in with me to see how we're going to react. I can feel him relax with me when he knows when I'm having fun and trusting him.

Yes, he is a challenge. Yes, he's sometimes hard to handle. But he is not mean and he is not crazy--no more than I am any of those things, anyway.

He is my horse, and there is absolutely no doubt in either of our minds about that.


Kate said...

Horse like that are so valuable - they can teach us so much - you are very fortunate!

The Equus Ink said...

The life, love and partnership that comes with owning, re-training an off track Thoroughbred. They are amazing teachers! I love having moments like these too. I share your joys, triumphs and obstacles :).

Buckskins Rule said...

Surprising how much they can tell us about ourselves. For me, the number one lesson has been learning the art of patience. There's still room for improvement, but if I learn nothing else from horses, I will still be better for it.