Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Bright note from the "incident"

In all the irritation about the "incident" the other day (irritation which was preceded by a day of feeling guilty and obsessing over what I could have done differently, mind you), I forgot to mention the bright spot.

And there was a bright spot.

When I finally did get on Bar, Steve had already given Lena a beauty treatment and put her away, but being the great guy he is, waited patiently while I did a little more work.

Bar has been really good at maintaining a consistent trot in the round pen lately, but my not-so-great posting abilities make it difficult for him (and me) under saddle. I wanted to work on his speed control--as in he has to control his own rate of travel without me yanking on his mouth--by allowing him to trot on a loose rein. Not only did he do an excellent job setting a steady pace, he tolerated my spastic posting with good humor--all on a loose rein.

So things weren't all that terrible that day after all. Good to remember that.


Keri said...

I read your post about what happened at the barn. I feel for you, I've been there. It can be hard in a boarding situation to work a horse that sometimes requires a different handling method than your average horse or pony.

I'm not sure what your thoughts are on finding a new place, but I am at a wonderful quieter barn. All the amenities of a big barn, but a much smaller setting. Closer to where you go trail riding frequently I think too. You can email me about it at inkeq(at) yahoo (dot) com. :)

Dane Jane said...

It was probably the new boots, they're helping you post better!