Saturday, January 09, 2010

Elmer is MIA

Elmer has been missing for over three days now and I've decided that Steve and I must live at the nexus of a vortex that makes good cats disappear. Not the dumb cats that spray in the house so have to be outdoor cats, no. Only the good, snuggly, smart, and fun cats.

Now Elmer is a tom cat, so perhaps he has wandered off to do what tom cats do. Or maybe someone caught him and he is becoming non-tommed. There are several scenarios, but none of them appear to involve him showing up recently.

Wesley disappearing was bad enough, but losing Elmer really sucks. He was snuggly, but not overbearing, respectful and polite about going in and, and never did anything gross in the house. Well, if you don't count licking yourself as gross, anyway.

Just in case you're listening, Elmer, we miss you.

1 comment:

aurora said...

:( how sad, he looks sooo sweet. Hope nothing (or no one) got a hold of Elmer, and he finds his way safely back home.