Saturday, January 23, 2010

Mud vs. Bar, round one

The insidious mud won round one.

Bar lost the shoe on his upright front foot and went barefoot for one day, just until my long-suffering farrier managed to somehow attach a shoe to that soggy, peel-y hoof.

Mike is my hero.

As mentioned earlier, that shoe was hanging on by a bare thread the other day and by Wednesday night, was flapping loose on the inside. What to do, what to do. Leave it on until the mud sucks it off completely or pull it? Being a bit of a nervous nelly, I chose the latter--worried that the shoe would hide in the mud nails up, posing a much more nasty risk than Bar being barefoot. Then I slathered the foot with iodine, called Mike Thursday, and gave Bar the day off. You can see in the picture below how chewed up the inside wall of his foot is.

Lena benefited, too--getting some ground work, brushing, and massage on Thursday. She thought it was about time.

All this just in time for the next storm to roll in.

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