Thursday, January 07, 2010

Jess in boots

Some might suggest that half of the fun of owning horses is the gear--and not just their gear, your gear.

Having mostly ridden Western so far, the boot collection has wandered through red, black, with the current pair of riding boots being brown. However, using the English saddle more has led to some challenges. The top of my western boots, even through jeans, catches on the bottom of the "skirt" (if that's what you call it on an English saddle) which interferes with posting. That's when the pant leg itself isn't riding up my leg, which I'm sure means something about my position, but is irritating nonetheless. Really, I don't need this kind of help from my boots.

Plus, I confess to loving the lean line of English boots, so for Christmas my big present from Steve was a pair from Mountain Horse. I have been following their shipping journey impatiently for over a week and came home tonight to the long-awaited box on the table.

I tried them on immediately, of course. I can't wait to actually ride in them! I'm sure it will make me into the most excellent rider, right? Well, a girl can dream anyway.


Dane Jane said...

They're so SHINY!!! And I'm so JEALOUS! Enjoy!

Dave (aka Buckskins Rule) said...

Mrs. BR bought a new pair today herself. You ladies have a way of making those English Boots look good.

I've ridden in an English saddle once. That was plenty for this cowboy. Even though I know the saddle does not keep one on the horse, it just didn't feel right.