Saturday, January 23, 2010

Where this horse thing all got started

This is Katie, circa 1995 or so, at a birthday party at her dad's that included--oh yes--pony rides.

It appears that I was doomed eons before I even knew it.

A friend of mine recently moved in with her long-time boyfriend and in the process of packing, found a card I gave to her several years ago. This friend is also a horse-y person, though hasn't owned her own horse in several years. (She's smart that way.) In this card, I wrote that if I were rich, I'd buy us a ranch and a couple of horses so she could ride--as long as I didn't have to.

Teena smiled and chuckled as I read this back to her the other night, and Steve and Katie laughed outright.

How did they all know what I didn't? That I was a closet crazy-horse lady?

And I wouldn't have it any other way.

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Dane Jane said...

You can't hide horse-craziness! I don't even try. People always know.
Sounds like Bar is starting to regard you as the leader--very good news! Congrats.