Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Knee update

Much to my dismay, the football in Bar's knee really didn't look all that much better tonight. In fact, we now have mild puffiness below the knee. Argh.

In other words, 'bute didn't help much.

More walking, more cold water, and more ice. I also tried an herbal liniment called Sore-No-More recommended by Linda at Horses and Things. Bar liked it way better than Vetrolin--must be the lavender.

I also took his temperature to be sure there wasn't some underlying infection lurking. There doesn't appear to be. His gums are the right color, and his capillary response is fine, too.

I must say, my horse is amazingly patient for a "crazy racehorse." Not patient (or hurt) enough for 'bute, though.

The heat in the knee seems to be centered in the rear of the joint, though all the swelling is in front. No open sores that could mean infection, though there is a minor (and not sensitive) broad, flat, bump on the inside of his cannon bone, about midway between fetlock and knee.

I admit it, I called the vet--mostly to give her a heads-up that she might need to come visit before the weekend. Just in case.

Though besides the over-sized knee, I have to say my horse sure looks good.

Heal, buddy, just heal.


Anonymous said...

If he's sound, it may just be that way for a long while - knees tend to get really puffy. Good idea to have a call to the vet, though.

Dave (aka Buckskins Rule) said...

There's no shame in calling the vet. Horses can't say "it hurts here, and hurts this much". Therefore, I'd rather have a vet look at a problem, either real or perceived, before it gets worse.

And, yes, he is an amazing looking horse.