Friday, April 09, 2010

Needles and wrapping, oh my!

WARNING: If you are squeamish about needles, this post contains pictures of needles in Bar's knee.

Also, much thanks to Cindy Larson for helping hold Bar so I could take all these photos!

Having watched the football-shaped knee stay, well, football shaped, I gave in and called the vet to come out and take a look. She called it a Hygroma, and stuck a needle in it to drain out the fluid, then applied a topical analgesic (versus trying to get any more 'bute in him), and wrapped up his leg like a Christmas present to try and contain any further swelling.

First the boy got drugs lest my sweet and docile (ha!) horse react to a needle sliding into his puffy knee.

Then came said needle and actually feeling the fluid that came leaking out to test viscosity. Yes, just like oil. More viscous (thicker) would mean joint fluid, which we didn't want to see because it would indicate a more serious injury inside the joint capsule.

The good news is the fluid that came out was just serum, not joint fluid, so the injury is outside the joint capsule. Dr. Leslie pulled quite a bit of fluid out of that knee, syringe after syringe to relieve the pressure. It appears to be a concussion (e.g. he fell on it) injury, versus any kind of strain or twist which would require a lot more lay-up and therapy.

Leslie remembered that Bar objects to taking pain relief orally, and chose to use a topical analgesic called Surpass to help relieve the inflammation. Actually, I'd give him the 'bute if I thought it was the best option, but if an external solution is as effective and requires less trickery, I'm willing to try it.

Then came the wrapping in two stages, lower leg first then over the knee. This will stay on for two days (she says hopefully, looking at the now-cloudy sky), then we'll pull it off and see what we see. If the swelling stays down with the Surpass (2x daily), that will be ideal. If not, the next step is to consider steroid injections, which I really don't want to do.

I am choosing to think positive and vote for quick healing and no steroids. Lena wants to know why Bar is decorated.


Dave (aka Buckskins Rule) said...

Glad to hear the injury is not in the joint. Hope you don't have to go the steroid route.

Mrs. BR swears by a product called Recovery EQ (Extra Strength) for recovering from joint injuries. It's a tad spendy, but it made quite a difference last year when her mare Ellie was recovering from an fetlock injury last year.

Worth considering.

Jessica Boyd said...

Ooh, thanks BR--I'll check that out.

Bar is a little clumsy, and I think perhaps the new shoes came into play a little, but I also think they will be better in the long run for trail riding. Once football boy gets better, that is.

Dane Jane said...

Wow--quit checking the blog for a few days and look what happens. I'm so sorry about Bar. At least it sounds like it could have been quite a bit worse. Not much comfort to Bar, I'm sure.
Here's to a speedy recovery.