Monday, October 04, 2010

Bar and Jess featured on Off-Track Thoroughbreds

Somehow, I always knew we'd be famous. Steve says infamous, actually. And really only in our own little circle of the universe. Or in Bar's case, oval of the universe.

Susan Salk, from Off-Track Thoroughbreds, just posted an interview with yours truly all about the journey Bar and I have had so far. (It is far, far from over folks.)

I have to say it looks very dramatic up there in black and white, and it didn't seem that way while it was happening, or maybe we're just having such a good time now I have forgotten the hard parts. Well, except the ground. Haven't forgotten the ground--the last reminder from Lena was a doozy.

It captures our experiences really well and Susan liked that I was open and honest about it all--the good, the bad, even the ugly.

The really cool thing is that in three short years, I have learned to be a much better horse-woman and Bar has learned to be a better horse. Along the way--despite the rocky start--we have come to trust and work with each other through issues as they come. Some are easier than others, and sometimes there are pitfalls and back-sliding (like our trailer issues coming back), but I know we'll get through it all in our own little weird way.

Now if we could just get that trot to smooth out!


Anonymous said...

Dawn and I are on the same road - she's been off the track for almost 10 years but she's still an OTTB!

Dave (aka Buckskins Rule) said...

Wow, I've never known anyone famous before! Congratulations!

Seriously, that is a great article, and is all the better because you were frank and honest. Oh, and I really, really, like the picture of you and Bar in the field.

jill said...

You've come a long way with Bar.
Nice story.

Susan Salk said...

Thank you for linking to the story. I loved talking with you about Bar and hearing about the fine-tuning you're doing to get the best out of your horse, and make him happy too!
- Sue