Monday, October 11, 2010

Quick update

Our internet connection, much like Lena, is spotty so this will be quick.

Both horses are relaxed and calm, eating and drinking well--as well as what follows the eating and drinking well. Bar had a bit of a rocky start with the change of venue and routine, but after a brief recurrence of TB reactionary behavior, he did settle out and has been a trooper. Lena has settled in well, also, and has demonstrated how well she can untie ropes. Good thing Steve can tie a good knot.

The really cool thing is Bar has chased a mechanical cow. Twice. Lena has actually cut the mechanical cow twice, too, looking a lot like she was bred to do just that. Oh wait, she was.

No pictures of Bar giving chase, yet, because while he was an exceptional photography assistant and held still while Lena cut, she did not reciprocate. She got a little jazzed up working the cow and Steve couldn't get her to settle enough to take any shots today of the amazing Thoroughbred cutting horse. Actually, it looks like pictures are too much for the internet connection, so they will all have to wait.

More to come, I promise! Great trip so far, lots of learning, lots of dots connected for Steve, Lena, Bar, and me.

Ike is also helping me a lot with my riding, and as always taking the horse into consideration. He said Bar is smart and picks things up quickly, and is taking care of me. All of this I felt, but to have a trainer I respect as much as Ike confirm it is a gift I didn't expect.

Of course, after staying up here, with trails right off the property, two great arenas, and fun adventures--Bar and Lena may just wave at us as we drive off towards home.

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Joy M. Drennen said...

With Ike saying Bar is intelligent, a quick learner, and is taking care of you, maybe I won't sound so "unhorsey" when I say Bar loves you.
Love, Mom