Saturday, October 30, 2010

Linking the beginning to the genetics

Dave at A Tale of Two Buckskins pointed out a lack of continuity and reference points for my last two posts. Really, I should know better.

The pink visitor ticket is from going to the back side of Golden Gate Fields today, a race track here in Northern California. There used to be another, Bay Meadows, but it shut down a couple years ago--likely a victim of the decline in attendance at race tracks--and now looks like it's becoming a planned community of some kind.

Bar raced at both, won a race at both, and got his career-ending injury at GGF.

Forrest is at GGF until Tuesday, when he comes home to Sonoma County.

Katie can hardly wait. Truth be told, we can't either.

At any rate, that is why there was a pink Visitor badge in today's first post. It should have flowed nicely into post number two with all the cute pictures of Forrest, but then I wouldn't have gotten to write this post, so it's all good.

Thanks for keeping me honest, Dave!

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Dave (aka Buckskins Rule) said...

Weren't no thing, Jessica! I figured you were just keeping us on the edge of our seats.